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Mindset Is Everything #mindsetiseverything

#MindsetIsEverything is a 12 week programme designed to teach you how to maximise your human potential. Whatever you want to do, however you want to be, the programme will enable you to get there.

Based on a range of evidence based psychological principles, the programme is easy to use and completely free!

By building up your positive emotions and then working on the behaviours and beliefs that can get in the way of your progress, this course will strengthen your mindset, enhance your resilience and help you to achieve far more from life!

The 12 weeks are split into three blocks of 4 weeks. Each week you will be introduced to your topic and told what you need to focus on and why. You’ll then be given tips on how to practice it. Over the weeks you’ll cover things like optimism, finding your ‘joyful’, building on strengths, motivation, perfectionism, procrastination, challenging self defeating ways of thinking, learning to let go and so much more!

I’ll email you weekly and offer support throughout and all you need to do in return is let me know how you’re getting on!

If you would like to know more, or are interested in taking part, email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

#MindsetIsEverything: What people are saying…

“Week 12 of #mindsetiseverything and feeling happy ☺ Thanks so much to @Jo4848 for having me on her course!! I’m going to do it all again ?. The hardest bit is to change my own negative mindset – having key points to focus on has turned my world on its head. I’m not fixed yet but so much closer to it than I was & I can’t thank you enough for that xx”

“I’ve been really impressed with the program so far, very little time commitment and some really big shifts in attitude”

“It’s definitely helping me”

“Loving it Jo! Thank you!”

“It’s so simple yet SO effective. I genuinely cannot describe to you how much more ‘together’ I feel. I know myself a little better”

“It’s a great programme! Well done!”

“Really great, it’s helping me focus on the positive”

“My heart is feeling full when it could easily be feeling empty”

“I’m feeling so much better about myself”

“For a recent event I did, I had no self doubt at all. It’s got to be down to the mindset work!”

“I’m noticing I’m more upbeat and positive about every day, which is a massive turn around for me. Thank you for having me on the course!”

“I’m really enjoying it!”

“I’m finding the programme a revelation!”

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Mindset Is Everything #mindsetiseverything

#MindsetIsEverything is a 12 week programme designed to teach you how to maximise your human potential. Whatever…

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