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Jo has a range of clinical, academic and media experience.


Jo has been practicing as a Therapist and Psychologist for over 12 years and currently works across four private practices in Surrey and London.

Jo has worked in the NHS as a CBT Therapist, Service Manager, and a Mental Health Advisor.

Jo sees a range of clients and accepts referrals from a wide number of services and organisations including Employee Assisted Programmes, Insurance Companies, GP’s and other health professionals as well as private referrals.


Jo was the Psychologist on UKTV’s ‘Nurses Who Kill’ (also airing on Netflix) and on the CBS Reality series ‘Stalkers Who Kill’.

Jo was the Psychologist on Bear Grylls: Breaking Point.

Jo was the behind the scenes CBT therapist on channel 4’s House of Hypochondriacs with Dr Christian Jessen.

Jo is also currently working with numerous other production companies and media professionals. Her work ranges from ideas development and consultancy, through to contributor assessments, support and advice (both on and off screen).


Jo was the Director of Studies on the ‘Advanced Practice: Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner’ program, within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey from 2010-2017. She was also a Senior Teaching fellow and Teaching fellow at the University 2008. From 2015, Jo was the lead for the development of positive psychology and wellness teaching within the School of Health Sciences.


Jo has been involved in the development of a range of clinical publications for patient use across Surrey.

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