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Your smartphone could be good for your mental health

29th May 2015

When it comes to mental health, technologies such as smartphones and social media networks are almost always discussed in terms of the dangers they pose. When Nadine Page (a lovely colleague of mine at the University of Surrey) and I were asked to write an article about the potential benefits of a smartphone – being […]

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Hacking into your psyche Matrix (it's easier than understanding the trilogy!)

24th May 2015

Most people have seen The Matrix. A film released in the late 90’s starring Keanu Reaves in which he (Neo) discovered that we lived in a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control. I loved the film. I remember it giving me an eerie feeling – what if it was true and […]

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It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it!

10th May 2015

“Why is it that everyone I meet is so together, they never make mistakes, they’re so happy, they just seem to be able to cope with everything”. I hear these words so often from the people that I meet. People think it of me too I’m pretty sure. If only that were the reality! The […]

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